1.applicating area and main functions

Widely applied in lime producing line for lime plants , lime hydration which in the sintering process of ironworks, building material manufacturing line for mining area, desulfurization equipment, calcium treating machine in sewage treatment, high quality hydrated lime producing line.Though a series of reaction in two stage lime hydrator,quicklime transfer into hydrated lime and moisture less than 8%.

2.features of two stage lime hydrator

Compared with three stage lime hydrator, the two stage one can save cost and space which is more suitable to the enterprise in short of the height of workshop.

3.Standard technology index

capacity :1-30t/hr

percent conversion: 80% 

BET:standard 15 ± 2 m2/g

Retained moisture: less than 6%

Dustiness at the vent of dust collector: less than 30 mg/m3 

Standard consumption(hydrated lime 95%,fluctuate against actual specification)

· Quicklime needed: 0.75t/every tone hydrated lime 

· Water needed: 0.5m3/ every tone hydrated lime  

· Power needed:4kWh/every tone hydrated lime