Application Area

Our patented wet lime dust collector widely apply in lime plant, iron works, power plant and chemical industry.

Main principle and advantages

The dust collector is mainly used to remove dust and steam come out during the hydration. It can match lime hydrator, lime slaker and other equipments to meet various requirements of clients. Dust and steam enter dust removal water cabin through dust cage and dust pipe. After complete treating with the dust, discharge clean gas from the vent. During solving dust and steam, water in cabin turns out hot slime water by absorbing dust and steam, then via high pressure pump, throwing into pipes of water cycling system for the lime hydration .


1. Realize the cycling usage of water and the reuse of overflow dust

2. Recycle waste heat of hot steam which can improve the hydrating rate , save energy ,solve the dust pollution problem and raise working efficiency finally.

Technical parameters:

1. Dust collecting rate:up 99%

Dust removal effect: Dustiness at the vent of dust collector is less than 30 mg/m3 

2. hydraulic pressure: >3kg