This device is upgraded product which developed on the base of our original XCE dust removal device. No matter change water or not, it is able to run. So the range of application is wider. The dust extraction ratio can reach 99%.

This device adopt powder moze operation and fluid dynamics technology which can distribute the air coming from the fan into the dust removing pipes, thus all dust and steam will be reacted and filtered by high pressure and water inside the water cabin. All the water needed comes from water cabin ,being recycled . For the different specific gravity, the powder will deposit slowly after going through the steady flow plate , then the mud water become thicken down of the cabin. When the powder reach the bottom of the cabin, via the take-up device set there, the wet powder will be transferred to the belt or appointed place to keep clean of the water inside. Some water may be lost during the process of taking up, the automatic moisturizing device be used to add water in order to balance the water lever inside the water cabin.