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Nanjing Luxing Technology Co., Ltd. is a high technology enterprise which specializes in manufacturing complete equipments used for producing hydrated lime(Ca(OH)2). Our company is professional in manufacturing various equipments for various factories and areas: lime producing line for lime plants,     Enviroment-friendly lime hydration equipment for feeding room of sintering plant in iron   and steel works, building material manufacturing line for mining area, desulfurization equipment, calcium treating machine in sewage treatment, high quality hydrated lime producing line, wet lime dust collector(patent NO.ZL2007 1 0133877.8).  We have the right of import, export and agent, together with the research, design, manufactureand sale of accessory equipments, and our product has gained great population all over the word.

We have 26667 square meters floor space, 2500 square meters office area, 14000 square meters workshop,1500 square meters laboratory. We solve problems on lime hydrating for our client with best quality machines and fast-considerate service. In line with the concept of environment protection and energy saving, we focus on technical innovation, consistently absorbing advanced technology and     management skills domestic and abroad, then combine client’s actual demands,   improve a lot through practice, to develop better products. Especially, aimed at dust problem producing from hydration, we have developed dedicated dust removal device which has gained national patent of invention. Meanwhile, we can provide lime hydrating process design, technical improvement, personnel training and other services.